What is NFTScan?

NFTScan is a professional NFT explorer and open data platform. If you want to know more information about us, please click: About NFTScan

How could I contact NFTScan team if I am responsible for the ecosystem of a public chain?


I am a developer in the Web3 or NFT area, how could I use NFTScan Open API?

Step 1, register a developer account at:
Step 2, you will get a Key automatically after registering, and you can use it for test. The Open API Platform has 10,000 free requests per day by default.
Step 3, refer to the developer documentation:
Step 4, if you need Pro API, you should pay to use it. Fees payable are detailed in the information:

I am an NFT Collection publisher, how could I verify and submit information in NFTScan?

Signature Verification Link:

I am responsible for an NFT Marketplace, how could I submit NFT Trading Contract to NFTScan?

Submit Marketplace:

What is the reason for some NFT Asset images not being displayed on NFTScan and how to solve it?

The first situation: The NFT asset contract is a non-standard contract so the system cannot automatically parse the metadata and requires manual intervention by NFTScan developers to read the contract code and dominant parsing.
Solution: Leave feedback messages in NFTScan Discord, and our NFT data operators will contact you proactively.
The second situation: The image URL of Metadata data cannot be accessed normally maybe becaused of the stopping of service hosting the image resource, or the inaccessibility of some geographical locations.
Solution: It is recommended to shift VPN and try again.

The NFT blind box that belongs to me is revealed, but its status on NFTScan is unrevealed yet, how can I refresh it?

Open the detail page of the NFT asset on NFTScan explorer, click the first button on the top right to refresh the metadata.
Or submit the contract address at Refresh Metadata:

How to refresh the metadata of an NFT Collection in bulk?

Submit entry of Refresh Metadata:

What is the formula for market value of Ranking?

NFT Collection market value = Average price of the last 50 trades * number of items

What is the formula for calculating the value of the NFT that the user holds?

NFT value = NFT1 * Price1 + NFT2 * Price2 +...
The price is the floor price for each NFT collection.

How could I feedback to the NFTScan developer if I find a bug?

Bug Bounty:

What are the potential risks of "connect wallet" on NFTScan?

The connect wallet function of NFTScan explorer is for signature verification only and never allows users to initiate any transactions, so there is no risk to funds. If you connect a wallet and a pop-up window asks you to initiate a transaction, be sure to reject it! Because NFTScan explorer will never let the user initiate a transaction, once a transaction pop-up appears, it means that a hacker has used some vulnerability to initiate a fraudulent request, so the user must reject it!